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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It is high time to enjoy Red Meat!

Well....it is a cold, snowy, Saturday afternoon and I am sitting at Panera doing what I do best...eavesdropping. I know, "how terrible!" you may think...but actually it's A LOT of fun and you can learn so much about the human population. For instance, let me share with you about the ladies next to me. One is pushing 40...she has stated that several times... and the other is in her young twenties and "was on the cheer squad" (so was I but I think her's was a little more..."elite" if you know what I mean). Until a few moments ago I was utterly bored with their conversation but the women at the other table are not speaking English and Facebook has nothing new so I resorted to their dull conversation. I know, "how rude!" you may be thinking now, but honestly, it has been 20 minutes and so far we haven't covered anything but food, health, weight and money management. Boring! And then...alas...two key words struck my ear drums, resonated down to my heart and brought me the inspiration I was longing for today. What could those two words possibly be? RED MEAT. Yep, you guessed it...they weren't talking about how delicious it is, or the numerous health benefits or even how gorgeous those big black Angus calves can be. It was very negative...in fact one of them doesn't eat it at all and one avoids it if possible. Utterly heartbreaking. They stressed the importance of eating "plant based foods". Now, hear me out, I am all about eating healthy, staying fit and having balance in our diet. The key though is balance. This uneducated world is turning their back on another element of God's creation that offers so much to our diets! It would surpise you how often I hear similiar conversations. Oh my, National FFA Organization, we have much to do. For some of you, this means nothing. You may even eat red meat regularly (if so, thank you from the bottom of my heart) but you just do not understand my current rampage. This would be an important place to note that my daddy is a beef cattle producer. Not just any beef cattle producer but he has the most beautiful Angus herd I have ever seen. They look like velvet and taste like a million bucks, but I promise you that's not what you have to pay. I know the quality, health benefits and taste of that red meat so when I hear outright lies being spread about it I grow quickly frustrated. They are not only missing out on truth and the joy of beef, but they are also a part of the society who is hurting my father's business. For example, what if your dad was a chef and you know that he does an amazing job, serves creative dishes and runs a clean business, but one day you are sitting at a coffee shop and you over hear people discussing that they heard from so and so who knows that one person who said they have a cousin who got sick after eating at your dad's restaurant. Now a large portion of your town believes that your dad's food isn't good for them, it tastes bad and isn't clean. What would you do??? What would you say? How would you bring out the truth??? Those are the questions before me. The problem is I am up against a growing portion of the nation not just my town.

I beleive the real issue is that most people have not had a good steak. So many restaurants and people do not know how to fix red meat in a way that makes your mouth water, your toes tingle and your lips curl into a brilliant smile of satisfaction. Have you ever had that experience? If not I feel deeply sorry for you. This needs to change. I wish with all my heart you could taste one of my daddy's steaks that my hubby has grilled to perfection after days of marinating. Wow!

When I was home for Christmas I shared with my dad the concerns I have and the conversations I hear now that I am in "the city". He said that if I came up with a marketing plan he would be more than happy to sell his home grown, corn and grass fed beef to these city folks I have encountered. Our cattle are not massaged or petted daily, but they are never mistreated and have open pastures, no added hormones and little to no antibiotics. I know they will sell and if I can also put together information on the health benefits of red meat and some great recipes it will be a great start to educating the public and opening their eyes to the truth and to the delight they have been missing.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you one of my many passions. The cutest set of twins have just strolled in and parked with their parents at the table to my left and I'm eager to hear them "coo" and an odd looking couple just sat down behind me with the most curious expressions. Oh yes, those other two ladies are still here...they have moved on in their conversation to family pictures and the princess doll she just got her daughter - not that her daughter needs any help being a princess I'm sure! All this talk of food and beef though is making me hungry! It's lunch time and I think I am gong to enjoy an Asiago Roast Beef sand which with potato soup. Yes, even Panera, the "healthiest cafe of our time" serves Red Meat!!!

P.S. Here are some health benefits of Red Meat in case you are preparing your weekend dinner menus: Lowers risks of heart disease and high cholesterol. Red meat is a source of iron. Red meat also contains protein, levels of creatine, minerals such as zinc and phosphorus, and vitamins such as niacin, vitamin B, thiamin and riboflavin. Red meat is the richest source of Alpha Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant.

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  1. Oh my... I personally find it difficult to relate to people that refuse to eat red meat. I would never have that kind of will power. It just tastes too good! Now that I know the great health benefits, I can enjoy it even more!