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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Hair Revolution!

Finally! Bliss with my curls!!! I have lived in the darkness far too long. I believe it was last Thursday that I dramatically proclaimed to my husband that I was chopping off my hair...again. He laughed and said, no. He reminded me that he loves it long and so do I when I really think about it. He's right. I always miss it after it's gone. So, out of desperation I began searching the net frantically looking for a solution for these wavy, untamed, frizzy curls. Alas, little did I know (until today) that I found a fantastic solution!!! A sweet fellow blogger shared her well-kept secret. Honey. No, I'm not talking to my hubby. I'm serious....HONEY! Here's what you do:

1. Take a jar of honey to the shower along with a glass jar and lid (to prevent mildew and just the center part of the metal lid will do).

2. Wash hair as usual (only 2-3 times per week is necessary for curls) and then condition (I usually let the conditioner soak into my hair while I shave...just throw it into a bun on your head a ponytail holder if needed).

3. Rinse out conditioner.

4. Now here's the fun part, pour honey into empty jar covering the bottom or a little more for longer, fuller hair.

5. Fill jar with warm shower water and shake, shake, shake!

6. Pour over hair and leave it!

7. Towel dry to remove drips.

8. Air dry (or use difuser if a quick dry is needed) and enjoy those curls!!! (I also add a little mouse to help it hold).

* Not only do you get pretty curls but also golden highlights and it is rumored that honey helps your hair grow!

** If hair is too crunchy cut back on the amount of honey next time.

Now isn't that just delightful! I'm always skeptical of these things because my hair usually seems to be the exception, but this actually worked!!! I'm thrilled! Have fun, sista!

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  1. OH WOW!!! I have the most unruly, thick, curly hair! I can not wait to try this! Thanks!